A strong, at times annoying face expression, Twists between bodies that tell through the images, pains and experiences lived on the skin; Adele Ceraudo demonstrates, through her works, part of her heart, her soul, her thought and above all her tumultuous past.

Adele’s talent: Female beauty through a Bic

A concept of feminism that asserts itself with its own identity in the Italian and international artistic contemporaneity.

d57a4ae3-8aae-4dc7-8c0f-d9524b7cf590-320x243 Adele Ceraudo: the woman who taught not to give up with a pen
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Her extreme mastery of the figurative academic technique allows her to develop a creative and direct language, which places her among the best figurative artists in the world. She herself has become the interpreter of her works, as a performer, creator and creator of a personal message aimed at the value and strength and beauty of women. Her extremely realistic, elegant, at times poetic, never vulgar or cheeky trait hides behind each work details of her past, and this is precisely the key to approaching his works: never stop at apparance, but always go over. Draws and creates with manic precision, on a format that is usually an A3 on Fabriano paper, to allow perfect ink absorption, and then increase its size to transform the perfect design into a work on a chosen support: canvas, pvc, plexy, aluminium, mirror, perforatedmash.
The BIC PEN is her surprising tool of art, a real ideal extension of the right limb at the service of her thought, her creative flair.
The line that starts from her hand, appears transparent, shaded, almost intangible, or firm and net “to give the right weight to all her thoughts.

download-2 Adele Ceraudo: the woman who taught not to give up with a pen
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Adele Ceraudo: a wonderful career

Adele Ceraudo was born in Cosenza in 1972 and, here, she graduated from the Artistic High School; in Florence she deepened her studies of Art and Architecture, classicism and harmony of lines; since 1997 she has been in Rome and explores the world of theater and cinema, succeeding, since 2009, in combining design, photographic and scenic performance, elaborations in Fine Art print and painting.
There are several national and international exhibitions, collective and personal in which she has participated , publications, seminars and lessons in academies of fine arts, speach with projections and installations in Italian cultural institutes in Melbourne, Osaka and Barcelona, as at TEDx of Cesena or Leadership Arena in Barcelona, Degree theses focused on her work, charity auctions and solidarity events, personal exhibitions in museums and prestigious art galleries, creations of live and video performances, collaborations with photographers and directors known to public of the art and not, with digital experiments, Fine Art printing, musical and performative elaborations.

The first personal exhibition was in 2007 in Cosenza, After this, Adele created and produced 7 collections. The creation of the last one is underway, more intimate and linked to a path of deep and personal knowledge.

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