ALFREDO SASSO, the Soul Cage

Born in Fivizzano in the province of Carrara.Alfredo Sasso’s art comes from an investigation into interiority. The recurrent motif of his research is the cage, a metaphor for the sense of imprisonment that the human Being has always felt in his unconscious as his own. I like to combine Pirandello’s […]


“The conquest of the space that each individual has, and must have, in the universe” Pino Deodato was born in 1950 in Nao (Vibo Valentia). From a very young age, showing a natural talent, he began to create the first paintings and to work with terracotta. He goes along with […]

The over-dimensioned world of Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero (Medellín, 1932). Loved unconditionally by most of the public, The extreme recognition of his works is due to his unmistakable style, based on the use of the so-called “dilated forms” which give life to the famous “fat figures” But when and how did you start drawing out-of-dimension figures? […]

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