Born in Fivizzano in the province of Carrara.
Alfredo Sasso’s art comes from an investigation into interiority.

The recurrent motif of his research is the cage, a metaphor for the sense of imprisonment that the human Being has always felt in his unconscious as his own.

I like to combine Pirandello’s novel as an association of ideas ,, “One, Nobody, One Hundred Thousand, with Sasso’s vision of the individual who is both an expression of the individual and the community, while simultaneously telling the one and the many, the lonely man and the whole of humanity.

unnamed-1 ALFREDO SASSO, the Soul Cage
Fonte: A.Sasso

The shape of the body for the artist becomes, in fact, the imprisonment of interiority, Prison that at the same time is transformed into a home and therefore protection.

Easily handle both sculptural and pictorial language.

Alfredo Sasso creates oils on canvas, marble, bronzes, mosaics and mixed techniques, each of his creations helps the viewer to embark on a journey beyond memory, drawing from the classicism of the subjects and shapes, to travel through time, up to today and well ..

When I met him he told me the anecdote that started his career.

After graduating in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in 1971 the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz asked to meet new graduates to find an assistant, needing to work on sculptures of important dimensions, they proposed the young Alfredo Sasso, not because the more talented, but because the only one to be able to work “THINKING BIG”.

In 1979 he moved to New York, where he opened his own studio to devote himself entirely to his career as a sculptor and painter without ever abandoning Pietrasanta, the city where he produced most of his works.

It was in New York that he met and interacted with Icons of Art such as Andy Worhal, and Basquiat, at the time many artists lived in the same building, and they often met to exchange opinions, or even just to spend time together, in the everyday life of the Big apple in the 70s.

Having the opportunity to spend a few hours with Alfredo Sasso, gives a special and completely unexplored point of view on the World of Art.

9662e80c5c3ad68146e842dd33b155c7-olio-su ALFREDO SASSO, the Soul Cage
Fonte: A.Sasso

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