“The conquest of the space that each individual has, and must have, in the universe”

Pino Deodato was born in 1950 in Nao (Vibo Valentia).

From a very young age, showing a natural talent, he began to create the first paintings and to work with terracotta.

He goes along with his passion, obtaining an artistic high school diploma, after which he moves to Milan to attend the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

In the Lombard capital he came into contact with the major exponents of Milanese art, he was the assistant of the artist Giangiacomo Spadari for 5 years.

For the artist the 70s are fundamental from a political and social commitment point of view, his works, in fact, reflect this historical period through a critical painting, in which the expression of a will to change comes primarily through the realization of the murals.

b072e016ff1bbe9f2664f7448009ef4a_catm-960x960 The Art of PINO DEODATO
Fonte : Alessio Musella

He exhibits at the “Salon de la Jeune Peinture” at the Musèe D’Art Moderne in Paris and at the Musèe du Luxemburg, as well as at the Alvarez gallery in Lisbon and Porto.

His research develops with great dynamism both through painting and sculpture. meticulous is the search for detail that helps the viewer to take a path on the border between dream and reality.

When choosing to represent environments and landscapes, Pino Deodato prefers to use painting while when he has to portray human figures, he prefers the rendering that sculpture can offer, because through his volumes he is able to better tell the nuances and “ravines” of the human soul.

Fonte : Alessio Musella

Through his works, the artist tries to tackle complex issues in a simple way, making difficult subjects accessible to everyone.

Definitely against trend, Pino Deodato son of 1968, is convinced that art is a superstructure and does not change the world

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