Confessions of a USA president

I’m walking along the garden on the West Wing thinking about how it’s hard to be the leader.

Flowers decorate so beautifully the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. It’s my favorite part of the White House.

Suddenly the Chief of Staff and Supreme Commander of the Army call me. There is an emergency at the Situation Room. I follow them.

The chief informs me about the terrible situation of Syria and the terrible kingdom called ISIS.

I listen carefully what he says. The Secretary of Defense and my vice ask me what I decide. It’s up to president, as commander in chief of US Armed Forces, decide if use military force or diplomacy one. I stay firm in pray. I remind the words of the Pope i have met that day in Vatican during my visit. I stay for some minute silent.

After some time, I get up with a decision. I ask to the army to focus attention just to places where our intelligence, as Secretary of State reports, there is the certain
presence of so called Califfe. I order to UsMarines to full they planes with toys for children, work for adults, schools and so on because, as I say, the only way to fight a war is with the peace of a happy and democratic life.

For protect this people I request also that our intelligence would work side by side with Interpol for find and arrest possible terrorists before they may even imagine attacks.

I commanded to the Navy to go to Mediterranean Sea for pick up some refugees welcoming them to the United States according to American values and American Constitution I’m called to preserve.

After the meeting, escorted by the Secret Service, I walk toward the corridor to the Press room. ( See you the next page)

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