Le armi ai soldati degli Stati Uniti : MARINES ONLY

White House-Oval Office, the President of the United States (cosa dovrebbe dire Trump)

Good evening My fellow citiziens This day will remain in our history.

After the terrible attack in Florida, where so many kids, our kids have been killed by a weapon owned by a coward, I have decided, with the advice of my staff and democratic party to create a correction to the Second Aemendament of our constitution.

As president, I sweared to protect it but I have duties to the people, to you all, to your safety. As commander in chief, i have a strong position in our military forces, men and women involved to make America safer and stronger. I can’t, as you can’t go forward with acts like one happened at that school. Something must be done.

I therefore directed, as executive order, that US Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force must take control of the weapon selling all around United States, world’s most powerful country.

Our constitution informs that a militia must be realized in order to protect citiziens. What about an army? They’re our militia and it’s stong enough for preserve Ameica. A civilian with a weapon? It’s against the army. If every American is allowed to carry a gun, how can a soldier, our soldiers protect us? It’s difficoult.

So stop.

Lets give a strong support to our men and women in uniform bringing them guns they need for all of us. NRA no longer stand alone. NRA must be part of military bringing their products to same client, the military. Thank you very much.


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